IT consultancy

Getting expert counseling at the beginning of your project or idea for a business venture could save you the unnecessary use of a number of resources to redirect to making profits. Consultancy services can provide the opportunity for faster migration from one platform to another, the replacement of information systems and other complex IT processes at an affordable price.

We are committed to analyzing and optimizing business needs and choosing the right technology by the budget and timeframes you set. Knowing the current trends in the field of the best software solutions, we achieve optimal returns on the investments made by the company, without contradicting its policy and procedural history.

Software Development

Boost your productivity with a web-based workflow optimization software that’s tailored to your business. Web sites, Web and desktop applications for the needs of the client.

Cloud services

With a number of cloud solutions, hosting and security, our experts will bring the right services in line with your needs.


Do you want to reduce IT costs, improve their quality, and free resources to redirect to your organization’s core business?
PSIT Bulgaria has a wealth of experience in providing outsourced IT services.
Migrating part or all of the IT services to another external organization is suitable for both large companies and small and medium-sized companies.
In today’s increasingly evolving digital world, companies are looking for flexibility in managing their information technology. By analyzing your needs and designing an individual strategy, we can offer you cost-effective and secure services while focusing on your priorities.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we offer you a wide range of outsourcing services.

Service repair

Your IT resources are diverse and fully tailored to your specific needs.
This should also be the approach to service services – individual, tailored to the specific needs and uniqueness of each organization’s IT resources.
A guarantee of high quality of service is the many years of experience of our service specialists!

Our certified teams perform a wide range of services, install equipment, and make changes to your IT infrastructure configuration:

  • Warranty service – according to the warranty conditions and the standards of the manufacturer.
  • Out-of-warranty service – competitive prices and maximum short terms. The service centers have stock of original spare parts from the manufacturers with which Bulgaria is a service partner.
  • Subscription support for information systems – the conditions depend on the specific needs of your company.
  • Services related to the maintenance of your IT equipment – consulting and installation, as well as expansion and modernization of information systems.

System integration

We offer our clients turnkey solutions to solve their specific IT problems.

We have business relationships with a number of developers and we are able to design and implement a wide range of information products (software or specific devices). To perform specific tasks, we hire subcontractors, specialists in the given field, taking full responsibility for the quality and timely implementation of the project.

Assembling and upgrading of computer systems on customer’s request.

Audit of IT Security.


In the modern world, communications and the collaboration of multiple computing systems are crucial for the successful operation of each organization and the individual specialist.

In order for a system to function reliably, the connections between the individual and the elements must be professionally built and with the necessary guarantee.
Many of our clients want to upgrade the old communication system or build a new one. In order to meet the requirements of the clients and to satisfy their full and qualitative needs, PSIT Bulgaria Ltd. invests in the field of cable networking, structural cabling and integration of computing We have prepared and certified specialists to build networks that meet international standards and meet the requirements of a 15-year company guarantee. (RIT, AMP, IBM, BrandRex, etc.) We built ourselves or in a team with other companies in Sofia and the country.

Backup solutions

Technical measures and organizational processes for the recovery of systems, data, business operations and infrastructure after the occurrence of an emergency event.